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Our Encounter


Your personal hygiene is of utmost importance. A shower upon arrival (or immediately prior to my arrival) is completely non-negotiable. Although most would assume using soap is a given, experience has shown me that it must be mentioned. Please also wash your hands thoroughly, including scraping under your nails if necessary.

Short, buffed nails are a must, as physical evidence of our encounter is not desirable. 

For any style of kissing, oral hygiene is imperative. Please brush thoroughly (including the tongue) and use mouthwash. 

Please manscape, gentlemen. Shaving is not really necessary, but at the very least please trim. A well maintained member will receive far more personal attention than an unruly one.

Upon arrival

If we are meeting in a public place, such as a hotel lobby, please be discreet. I will likely embrace you at first and greet you with a hello and a kiss on the cheek as though we are old friends to feign the appearance that we, in fact, are. If we are in a lift with other people, please spare the small talk as it will be obvious we aren't familiar with one another. Silence is golden unless I prompt you otherwise.

Once we are behind closed doors we can chat. After I take your jacket and you remove your shoes, please have a seat... and relax. This experience can be daunting, let's take a moment to digress and feel each other out (not physically) for a few minutes before we get into it. I will ask a few questions, you may ask me any questions. Following this please provide me with my monetary gift before I escort you to the shower. When you are finished, please come out wrapped in your towel.


* I only use my own condoms and lube

* I only use my own toys on me

* you are welcome to bring toys you would like used on yourself

* I practice safe sex 100% of the time so please do not expect or ask otherwise. If you do ask, I will ask you to leave immediately and         you will not receive any refund

* if you would like any extras please enquire during the booking process, as discussing this and exchanging monies during our                   engagement really takes the magic out of the experience

* please be mindful of exit/entry digit swapping, this is how girls get infections

Your departure

You are welcome to shower again before your exit but please be mindful of my schedule and the allotted time frame you booked. Please dispose of any waste in the bin, not in the toilet.

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